Contributing a ‘guest’ blog post from a PR or marketing company

GardenDrum receives many inquiries each week from PR and marketing companies about promoting garden-related products and services to its large online audience but I only publish paid promotions, with a few exceptions for charities, and some not-for-profit companies.

Paid promotions are at a realistic commercial rate that covers production and publication time, and will not be discounted for ‘job lots’ or because your client does want to pay.


There are 2 reasons for this policy:

1. While free product promotion is common in print publications that can charge a magazine cover price to their readers, for online publications like GardenDrum there is no similar option, as there is a continuing and widespread expectation that all web-based information will be provided free of charge. But online publications, especially one as big as GardenDrum, still have costs, such as editorial time, layout, administration and website costs. And the only way to generate income to cover those costs is through paid advertising or sponsorship.

2. I have found that while many PR and marketing company writers feel they can easily write about horticulture and gardening, their work is rarely up to GardenDrum’s standard. Posts on GardenDrum are written either by horticulture industry professionals or those with many years of gardening experience and accumulated knowledge. GardenDrum does not publish generic text written by unqualified contributors.

So while GardenDrum cannot offer your client free promotion, as one business to another, I’m sure you see the necessity of making the income that’s essential for this high quality and independent publication to survive long-term. You and your PR or marketing company is being paid for its work, but if none of that money flows through to publishers, then these high quality avenues for promoting your client’s products will soon cease to exist.

If you would like to find out more about GardenDrum’s paid advertising and promotional opportunities, then please get in touch and I’ll send on our Advertising and Promotions Pack.


Catherine Stewart