Garden Voices

Author: Anne Latreille
Australian Designers - their stories

What can we learn from Australian garden designers — their life stories, the work that they do, the ideas that underpin it?
Plenty! Garden Voices is a voyage of discovery, especially when the designers are historic figures and current practitioners, well-known and less well-known.
Drawn from around Australia, they create private gardens and public landscapes that fit the place(s) where they work — and that respond to the land, the soil, and the aspect, whether city or country.
They are creative, artistic, responsive — and practical. This book shares their message in the hope that readers will learn from it.

Featured designers: Marion Blackwell, Fiona Brockhoff, Craig Burton, Torquil Canning, Viesturs Cielens, Walter Burley Griffin, William Guilfoyle, Kitty Henry, Karl Langer, David Leech, Bruce Mackenzie, Betty Maloney & Jean Walker, Jim Sinatra & Phin Murphy, Vladimir Sitta, Ellis Stones, John Sullivan, Kevin Taylor, Kate Cullity & Perry Lethlean, Bernard Trainor, Edna Walling

ISBN: 97880646905204
Published by: Bloomings Books
Cost: $25
Book format: Hard Cover
Number of pages: 258

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