Author: Jennifer Stackhouse
Everything you need to know to keep your garden thriving and beautiful throughout the year

Garden is an invaluable guide to maintaining a garden – from the plants to the paving – all year round. Starting with the vital task of watering, Australian gardening expert Jennifer Stackhouse provides detailed advice and insights on fertilising, weeding, pruning, looking after pots, lawns, keeping an organic garden and even how best to maintain outdoor areas, including paving, furniture, swimming pools and ponds.

Featuring plenty of photographs, helpful tables and tips, as well as an invaluable seasonal maintenance calendar and planting suggestions, this is the ideal book for anyone who wants a healthy, flourishing garden to enjoy throughout the year.

ISBN: 9780733332388
Published: 20130901
Published by: ABC Books
Cost: $35
Book format: Soft Cover
Number of pages: 256

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