Soils for Landscape Development

Author: Simon Leake and Elke Haege
Selection, Specification and Validation

Soils for Landscape Development provides a clear, practical and systematic template for specifying landscape soils based on scientific criteria. The soil specifications provide essential information and a universally applicable method for landscape architects and designers, specification writers, landscape contractors and soil supply companies to ensure quality and fit-for-purpose soils. A strong emphasis is placed on reducing environmental impacts by reuse of on-site soil, promoting appropriate minimal soil intervention, and using recycled products.

– A ready reference to landscape soils to inform and promote sound reasoning for client understanding and satisfaction.
– The Soil Approach Method promotes consideration of existing site resources and outlines steps to take to minimise costs through soil reuse and to use site soil analysis and edaphic considerations to inform and promote sustainable design.
– A Site Soil Characterisation and Investigation Specification providing a method by which site-won soils should be characterised and can then be used to form part of the performance specification. Thus the performance specification process is not confined to the use of purchased imported soils.
– Performance Based Specifications – where a compulsory specification is given outlining the ranges of physical and chemical properties essential for the performance criteria to meet the landscape treatment.
– A set of Design Drivers to improve the adaptation of landscape to place and hence success rates and provide optimum landscape performance.
– Verification and Quality Assurance Specification – steps and guidelines to enable clear, standard industry accepted processes over the quality of the product, certification requirements, construction process, and correct supply of specified landscape soils and mulches.

ISBN: 9780643109643
Published: 20140301
Published by: CSIRO Publishing
Cost: $69.95
Book format: Soft Cover
Number of pages: 192

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