The Australian Native Garden

Author: Angus Stewart
A book to inspire and guide landscapers and gardeners in the quest for a garden that captures the spirit of the Australian landscape

Australian plant expert Angus Stewart and friend, horticulturist and co-author AB Bishop have put together a book that will show you how to combine new native plant cultivars with indigenous plants from your local area to create a garden that will attract wildlife, provide bush foods as well as give you a garden that will blend in with natural environments that may adjoin your property.

As well as an extensive list of new native plant releases from the last few years, there are also practical chapters on pests and diseases, propagation, bush foods, garden design and new planting methods. Angus and AB will also take you on a journey around Australia looking for inspiration in wild areas and wonderful native gardens.

This authoritative and practical book, written in an approachable and accessible style, focuses on growing and using native plants in the home garden. It provides expert information on the fundamentals: soils, cultivation techniques, pruning, fertilising and maintenance, and looks at different styles of garden design, using Australian plants not only for aesthetic reasons but for creating droughtproof gardens, fire resistant gardens, and environments attractive to native fauna as well. Growing your own bush foods is also covered.

Highly illustrated and information-packed, The Australian Native Garden showcases some of the best designed Australian gardens and explores rural areas around Australia where indigenous species thrive in the wild, representing a fascinating source of inspiration and information.

$64.95 including postage within Australia

ISBN: 9781743365434
Published: 20151118
Published by: Murdoch Books
Cost: $49.99
Book format: Hard Cover
Number of pages: 288

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