How do I open my garden?

Garden Opening Kit

SAKGF Stonefields Open Garden 2013If you’ve ever thought about sharing your beautiful garden with others, opening your garden to the public is a great way to push yourself towards garden perfection, and also to raise funds, whether it’s for a charity or to help you maintain your own garden.

Open Gardens Australia, which closes down at the end of June 2015, has put together an excellent kit outlining all the investigations, decisions and preparations you need to put into a successful opening.

Whichever country you’re in, this guide can help.

It’s full of ideas for add-ons that will bring in bigger crowds, getting publicity, finding out about insurance, how to manage money and crowds and even some ready made signs for you print out.

CLICK ON THE KIT to see all the details!


One thought on “How do I open my garden?

  1. Thanks Catherine for putting this excellent OGA guide on line for all to see after 30 June.
    Best wishes

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