After reading another blogger’s experience with deer, I thought I’d blog about my local wildlife, especially for overseas readers. As for all continents and large islands, Australia’s wildlife is unique… but, to mangle Orwell, some animals are more unique than others! Our wildlife is amazingly unique and much of it co-exists with us even in our cities and suburbs. Continue reading

How to grow Siam tulips (Curcuma)

In the mid 90s, Siam tulips, cultivars of Curcuma alismatifolia and related species, hit the nurseries and garden centres. Like many people I was enchanted and soon had quite a collection of these plants. I tried to do all the right things – bright shade in a shadehouse, regular feeding and repotting every couple of years in fresh media….. But the plants declined each year and eventually gave up the ghost. Continue reading

An Indian Adventure

I’ve been asked to write about our experiences (plus some plant info!) on our recent trip to India. Our third visit to India (it won’t be the last) and each time somewhere different – this time it was a February trip to Assam first for just over a week and then down south to Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Continue reading