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Perth Landscape Expo

Linda Green

Linda Green

June 3, 2012

Last week I spent a few very worthwhile hours attending the second Landscape Expo to be held in Perth. It seemed to have much more of a buzz than the first one that was held two years ago. The Landscape Expo is a trade fair that is held over two days for those involved in the landscaping industry. I am always amazed at the number of people now employed in the

landscape industry and there was a good cross section of them attending including landscape architects and designers, landscape contractors, students and Environmental Officers from local government and private industry.

Perth Landscape Expo presentation by John Stanley was very upbeat & full of information about all the new technology I need to embrace

There were a number of seminars held but I only had time to attend one –The Virtual Landscaper by John Stanley. As usual John’s presentation was very up beatand informative but now I have a whole lot more technology to think about. To be honest the computer technology part of my brain is already taken up with doing this audio blog and updating my website but it looks like there is a lot I need to catch up on if I am to market my landscape designs to the young influential females of this world who are all extremely savvy with the latest internet trends. Will businesses like Terratemplates do me out of a job, should I be posting a video of one of my gardens on the Pinterest wall, creating my own ads with Animoto or printing a QR Barcode on my business card so that a potential client can be linked straight to my website or even conducting a Webinar with my clients? The potential is amazing and I can see lots of possibilities, but is my old brain really up to it? I don’t think that I will be doing any of that in the near future but I have resolved to make sure that I actually use Facebook for business when my new website is launched and at least I now know what tools are available to me should I wish to make use of them.

The vintage truck displaying mulches & soils available from Amazon Soils

All of the major areas of landscaping were represented such as plant nurseries, soil amendments, mulches, turf and synthetic turf, reticulation, decking and synthetic timber, paving, masonry, tools including software, equipment, play equipment, ponds and furniture makers. There were also organisations that assist landscapers to run their businesses such as insurers, the media and professional groups such as the Landscape Industries Association of WA and the Western Australian Landscape Designers Association.

Most of the exhibits were staffed either by the owners or by senior staff so they were able to talk about their products with experience and a great depth of knowledge. One display that stood out from the rest was the Amazon Soils exhibit. They had done that bit extra to create a memorable display using a gorgeous vintage truck that displayed various mulches and soil mixes on the back of the truck.

The very attractive Millboard Weathered Decking on show at the Perth Garden Expo

The Expo is a great place to catch up with colleagues – I ran into a number of landscape designer friends and landscape contractors that I hadn’t seen for a while, not to mention exhibitors who I have got to know over the years. I was so busy talking to everyone that I didn’t get around to taking very many photos for the blog but one product that I did photograph and intend to investigate is Millboard weathered decking. The chunky rustic look appealed to me but the fact that it doesn’t contain any wood is rather amazing!

Although I wasn’t able to attend the trade network evening this time I did go to the one at the last Expo and found it was a great way to spend a bit more time with colleagues in a more relaxed fashion.


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