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Ash tree dieback UK



September 28, 2012

Ash tree fungus threatens UK trees: From The Guardian (UK), Norman Starks, operations director of the Woodland Trust, urges his government to follow Australia’s strict quarantine approach to avoid introduction of a devastating fungus that could kill the nation’s ash trees. He warns that ash dieback (Chalara fraxinea), which has killed 90 per cent of ash trees in Denmark and is prevalent in other European countries, could be more damaging to the UK than Dutch elm disease was in the 1970s, as ash trees account for around 30 per cent of wooded areas across the UK. The damaging fungus has been found in a handful of cultivated trees this year. Stark blames the international tree trade for the spread of exotic tree diseases into the UK and recommends banning the import of live saplings. [Full story]

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