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Suffocating the world



November 29, 2012

Plastic bags are suffocating the world. Here’s an excellent but disturbing infographic that explains what we are doing to our planet. And did you know how much oil is used every year, just to make your disposable plastic bags?

Suffocating the World is reproduced from LearnStuff.com


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10 years ago

I yearn for the days when I could ring telephone my grocer, butcher, greengrocer and baker and milkman and all the orders would be home delivered to my kitchen and I personally knew all these people as they all lived in my local suburb! Everything was wrapped in paper as needed and large quantities were boxed. Plastic bags had not been invented and the closest we had to fast food was the fish and chip shop!

Catherine Stewart
10 years ago
Reply to  jezabels

You’re so right jezabels. Come to think of it, plastic bags arrived at the same time as that customer-shopkeeper relationship became more remote and much less satisfying. Maybe plastic bags create plastic relationships!? I think we have to either ban single use plastic bags, or require retailers to charge for them separately, and at a rate that reflects their true cost to our environment. In stores where they do charge for them (like Bunnings in Australia), most customers will choose to either bring their own bags or reuse the cardboard boxes provided.