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Roof garden visionary



December 14, 2012

This 1977 futuristic ‘sport in space’ illustration by Rick Guidice struck me not so much for the Utopian jogging and tennis while wearing backpacks, as those wonderful roof gardens! Here was a man horticulturally way ahead of his time.

The illustration is from the book Yesterday’s Tomorrows: Past Visions of the American Future and comes via Retronaut. Trees and shrubs cover roofs and vines hang from the underside of floating buildings. It’s discomforting to think that what Guidice was drawing back in 1977 was how he thought people would like to live in space but our reality, in that future and on earth, is not nearly so green. So here we are in 2012, 35 years later, only now really getting into the idea of cladding our city roofs and walls in plants.

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