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Gardening in the future?



January 9, 2013

Is this the future of gardening? Parrot, a USA tech company has previewed the new Flower Power Plant Sensor at the International Consumer Electronics Show on now in Las Vegas, designed to turn brown thumbs to green.

The sensor collates information about sunlight, moisture, fertiliser and ambient temperature & sends the information via BlueTooth to the Parrot Cloud. When you select which plant you have from Flower Power’s 6000 plant database, a phone app pushes notifications to your smartphone or tablet about what you need to do to keep that particular plant healthy. The Parrot Flower Power will be released in late 2013.

I guess for those who keep their mobile phones always at their side, this is A Good Thing. A bit like a baby monitor but with less crying. Although imagine if you were out and got a message that your little, defenceless plant was shivering in the cold……..

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10 years ago

Hopefully what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.