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Sometimes you need to see what’s above your garden

Catherine Stewart

Catherine Stewart

January 14, 2013

Ellerslie concept garden by Andrew Fisher Tomlin, and Tom & Paul Harfleet 'Sometimes you need to see what's above your garden'

Ellerslie 2013, in Christchurch from March 6-10, will have a few exciting conceptual gardens, designed to be thought provoking and challenging rather than a model garden, including this one ‘Sometimes you need to see what’s above your garden‘ by British trio Andrew Fisher Tomlin, and brothers Tom & Paul Harfleet.

The garden will focus on a single tree – Fisher Tomlin says “We will hang nine metre long periscopes from the tree, allowing people of all heights to look into the tree and see what is growing above us“. The periscopes will probably donated to a local school after the show.

The garden will complement another conceptual garden called ‘Sometime you need to see what’s behind you‘ which turns the traditional tree seat around to focus attention on the beauty of the tree it surrounds.

Fisher Tomlin will also be Convenor of Judges at this year’s show.

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