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No place like gnome

Catherine Stewart

Catherine Stewart

January 17, 2013
Zombie garden gnomes from Bye Bye Birdie

Zombie garden gnomes from Bye Bye Birdie

Garden gnomes. Cute, fat jolly retro-kitsch? Or zombie flesh-eating crazies, viking warriors, pistol-toting armed guards, political cartoons, or sports stars to decorate any garden?

I must admit that I have a terracotta gnome hidden in the front hedge. See – I can’t quite own up to it, but neither can I quite throw him away. Which one is your style?

Viking-Warrior-Garden-Gnome-1 scuba diving gnome from gnomefrenzy.com San Francsico Giants Brian Wilson gnome QE2 gnome by B&Q Obama garden gnome Gnombie from The Dark Garden Combat-Garden-Gnomes Design Shawn Thorssen Breast cancer Awareness gnome

1. Viking garden gnome

2. Scuba diving gnome

3. San Francisco Giants Brian Wilson gnome

4. Queen Elizabeth Diamond jubilee gnomes

5. Obama gnome

6. Gnombie

7. Combat gnome

8. Breast Cancer Awareness gnome

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10 years ago

Love gnomes! Really I just love garden ornaments. I really love mushrooms too. And my 2 yr old son picked 2 little turtles the other day a green one “jack” and a orange one “Tess” he moves the around and calls them babies, I love it so much.

Meleah Maynard
10 years ago

Ha! I’ve always hated garden gnomes. But the zombie gnomes completely changed my mind. This year I’m going to get some for sure!

Elizabeth Thomas
Elizabeth Thomas
10 years ago

This is brilliant! I am going with the zombie garden gnomes for my verandah as my last ditch possum scaring technique. Absolutely nothing else has worked.