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Garden Design

An antidote to winter’s blahs

Maria von Brincken

Maria von Brincken

February 2, 2013

New England midwinter and I find myself contemplating the snow patterns on the roof. Wondering how I can use the patterns I see in my current design work. No brain storm to date. But understanding the fascination drove me to my local garden center seeking some intense new color for my winter weary soul.

Maria von Brincken snow-roof-pattern

Voila!  These cyclamen did the trick! Unfortunately the tag doesn’t tell me the variety but the intense pinky red drew me to them. Ah…now perhaps I can finish that planting plan knowing that color in the garden will return. If you need the same relief they’re usually available in a medium and light pink and red. Cyclamen provide just the antidote to the winter weary eyes!

Maria von Brincken cyclamen

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