GardenDrumHave your say – yay or nay?

HAVE YOUR SAY – yay or nay? Today’s question concerns the use of biodegradable pots for small plants. Do you hate them or love them?

Biodegradable pots

Many growers are experimenting with alternatives to plastic pots for smaller plants.

Biodegradable pot in potted-up plant

Tubestock-sized biodegradable pot showing in potted-up plant

Dannielle writes: I wanted to share my garden gripe! I hate those biodegradable sleeves. Am I supposed to break/ remove it? Cause every plant that has one goes great guns for a month them starts to die!



What do you think? Have you had good, or bad experiences with biodegradable pots? Leave your comment and vote below.

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2 thoughts on “Have your say – yay or nay?

  1. I don’t particularly like them, but only because I’ve seen a plant being strangled by one.. I think the weave of the product shown is too tight and maybe there’s something in the pot that worms don’t like?
    Check out the newspaper pots made by Amber (this post) which will break down quicker; I’m going to make those for my seeds next spring!

  2. I have noticed the roots have a hard to getting out and when you buy them the roots are already growing through the pot, so you have to break some of the largest roots to remove the pot before planting. The plants usually survive this, but it’s not ideal. I find those pots are difficult to remove, while a plant will slide out of a plastic one.

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