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Waterfall Cottage

Catherine Stewart

Catherine Stewart

February 18, 2013

Up above the beaches of Sydney’s north lie rainforest-clad steep hills. Jeanne Villani has built a garden over the past 30 years that nestles among the indigenous trees, using their protective canopy to grow a wide range of subtropical plants. Her choice and placement of the many exotic plants among local natives is a perfect example of how the two can live together in harmony, each augmenting the other and creating what to me is the best feeling a garden can give – that of inevitability. It is, because it was just meant to be.

Waterfall Cottage has been open regularly to the public for many years through Open Gardens Australia delighting thousands of visitors. But even if you’ve been there before, it reveals new plants and changing views in every season so you’ll really enjoy a return visit. These gallery photos were taken in April but as it’s open again next weekend on February 23-24 2013 when you can expect to see Iochroma, Ipomaea albaHydrangea macrophylla ‘Nigra’ with its contrasting black stems, the tree gardenia Gardenia thunbergia, Crinum asiaticumMedinilla myriantha and Brugmansia variegata.

Click on any photo to see a larger image slideshow. You can also click the photos in the slideshow (top right corner) to see a full-size version.

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