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Ellerslie International Flower Show 2013 Supreme Award



March 5, 2013

Ellerslie Supreme Award Revolutionising Reuse

Ellerslie 2013: Supreme Design Award & Judges’ Award won by Revolutionising Reuse from Christchurch landscape architects Rebecca Hammond and Grant Stephens. [Click photo to enlarge]

Their clever and colourful spaces include an outdoor living room (with a piano), dining room with handmade glass surfaces from old bottles, and a living pantry packed full of produce – lush strawberries, colourful bright aubergines, herbs in reused wine bottles, old kitchen cupboards and sideboards.

Ellerslie 2013 Supreme Award to 'Revolutionising Reuse'

Ellerslie 2013 Supreme Award to ‘Revolutionising Reuse’

“We wanted to rescue things in a clean smart way and give people inspiration for doing this themselves in their own gardens,” they said.

Revolutionising Reuse garden at Ellerslie FS 2013

Lead judge Andrew Fisher Tomlin said “All aspects from planting to individual design elements and spaces have been well considered and beautifully executed. Design details reward the eye wherever you look and further enhance the clarity of design. The aesthetic of the chosen design has been integrated throughout the space and results in a crisp, functional, fun and productive series of outdoor living spaces.”

Revoltionising Reuse garden at Ellerslie 2013


• Creative Courtyard – Kevin Gillespie (GLD, Manawatu) – Merit
• Our sustainable schoolyard – Raumati South School – Kapiti Coast – Silver
• ARKO (Jay Van Lent and Stephen Mapletoft) – Silver Distinction
• A French Kiss in Akaroa – Ben Hoyle (Blue Gecko, Wellington) – Gold
• Sometimes you need to see what’s behind you – Andrew Fisher Tomlin, Tom & Paul Harfleet (UK) – Gold
• Sometimes you need to see what’s above you – Andrew Fisher Tomlin, Tom & Paul Harfleet (UK) – Bronze
• Floating in Transition – Scott Fletcher (Insero Design, Christchurch) – Silver
• Modern Day Moa – Adam Shuter & Tony Murrell (Auckland) – Silver Distinction
• Revolutionising Reuse – Grant Stephens & Rebecca Stewart (H & S Design, Christchurch) – Gold

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Matt Popplewell
Matt Popplewell
10 years ago


Would love to hear from anyone heading to my old home-at Ellerslie and to please contact me regarding the event. I write for a horti publication here in QLD and would love some pics and write a story on the event. A place and event very dear to my heart. Please, please contact me if you are going: Matt.popplewell@hortjournal.com.au