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April 2013 USDA Invasive Plant Pest and Diseases Month



April 3, 2013


The USDA has released its Top 15 pests which pose a significant threat to US crops and forests & is calling on all citizens to be vigilant about local biosecurity.

The top 15 list includes potato blight, light brown apple moths, Khapra beetles, giant African snail, Asian citrus psyllid and Asian longhorn beetles. As April is the month when many Americans start working in their spring gardens, and moving about the country on hiking and camping trips, they are urged to check local quarantine restrictions on fruit, plants, Indian rice and firewood.

Scott Pfister at the USDA says they welcome calls from anyone who sees a suspect pest. “We have citizens all over the country calling us and saying that they’ve seen something,” Pfister says. “Ninety-nine percent of the time it’s nothing, but we want those calls, because citizens are our first line of defense.”

You can report suspicious plant pests and diseases to the USDA at www.hungrypests.com

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