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New garden show for Sydney



April 4, 2013

Australian Garden Show Sydney

New Sydney garden show – the much-rumoured Australian Garden Show Sydney will debut in Centennial Park September 5-8, 2013. Follow developments on AGSS Facebook page.

Sydneysiders have long lamented the demise of the ‘Sydney in Bloom’ show many years ago, and the subsequent absence of any high-quality garden show to rival Melbourne’s MIFGS. The early spring timing may prove a challenge to exhibiting nurseries and plant choices for the display gardens but the show organisers make an exciting and experienced team, so let’s all get behind it and help them to success.

The show will be produced by AGB Events under the event direction of Anthony Bastic (Vivid Sydney Festival Director) and curated by landscape designer, gardener and author Myles Baldwin.

“The 1800s Gardenesque style, which thrives in a sub-tropical temperate coastal climate and is so brilliantly executed in Centennial Park, has dominated the aesthetics of our parks and gardens for almost 200 years. The beauty of a Moreton Bay Fig adjacent to an English Oak and a stand of Cabbage tree palms is uniquely Sydney, where horticulture is on display in daring contemporary themes and striking style,” said Baldwin.

The show will include display gardens, workshops, product sales and a high tea marquee, which will transform into a floral cocktail bar at night. It also ties in with the 125th anniversary of Centennial Parklands and Destination NSW events throughout spring.

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