GardenDrumCountryside Greenhouse at Allendale, MI, USA

Countryside Greenhouse in Allendale Township

Have you ever been in a RETAIL nursery greenhouse that’s so big, it has its own horizon?

The newly opened Countryside Greenhouse at Allendale, Michigan USA is a staggering 320,00 sqft (30,000 sqm) and filled with hanging baskets and potted colour ready for spring. Warmed by more than 200 high intensity sodium lamps, the greenhouse provides for optimum plant growth and shopping comfort even in freezing spring weather.

Countryside Greenhouse Allendale MI

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One thought on “Countryside Greenhouse at Allendale, MI, USA

  1. That is pretty amazing…… but we wonder why do some of our gardens all look similiar well i reckon this may be the answer.


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