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Windyridge at Mt Wilson

Catherine Stewart

Catherine Stewart

April 15, 2013

Windyridge at Mt Wilson in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney is one of those quintessential cool-climate gardens. Growing on the rich soils of an old volcanic plug, Windyridge has been developed over nearly 20 years by Roger and Wai Davidson. Towering trees, terraced lawns, stone walls, a waterfall, lilypond, sculpture and focal points – this garden has all the features you’d expect in a large garden but there’s something more, and that’s good design too.

I’ve explained some of my thoughts about this garden’s design strengths in the photo captions.

Click on any photo to see a larger image slideshow. You can also click the photos in the slideshow (top right corner) to see a full-size version.

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10 years ago

What a truly inspiring garden. I just love the use of different urns to help create special places. But to me it is the trees in the background that give depth to every photo. A garden without trees in my opinion, is not a garden – it is merely a collection of plants. This is a REAL garden

Kim Woods Rabbidge
10 years ago

I think the little round dish at the edge of the circular paved area is actually the urn’s orbiting moon…
What fabulous (and often original!) features this garden has. It’s lovely – thanks Catherine for showing us.