GardenDrumCan you identify this tree?

White fruit on the Lonely Tree

WA GardenDrum author Linda Green has an update on her mystery “lonely tree”, which is now covered in pretty white berries. Can anyone help with an ident please?

The mystery tree has glossy green leaves, and had heads of pretty, pale pink flowers with prominent stamens during the summer. Any ideas??? You can see more pics of the full tree on Linda’s original blog post ‘Lonely trees’

Flowers on the unknown tree

Flowers on the mystery tree in summer


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4 thoughts on “Can you identify this tree?

    • Thank you so much Ramon – it is fantastic to have it finally identified after all this time. It is hard to know when it would have been introduced to Western Australia. Capetown was the last port of call for the early sailing ships travelling from Europe to Fremantle and many South African plants arrived here at that time. Over the years many more have been introduced as ornamentals which have unfortunately become weeds.

  1. Ramón, you are a GENIUS. Thank you so much for dropping by GardenDrum! Having looked up Volkameria, I see it’s from South Africa which would fit as many South Africans have moved to Perth over the past decades and perhaps brought the seeds with them.

  2. Yay! My neighbor has this tree in their Kalamunda garden and asked me to identify and in my searching I came across your post Linda and then the update with the identification. Mystery solved! Thank you xx

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