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Monty Don blamed for spring garden centre losses



April 23, 2013
Photo Andy Mabbett

Photo Andy Mabbett

Monty Don is partly to blame for poor spring sales, say UK nursery owners.

With very cold weather discouraging gardeners from buying & planting, many nurseries are now dumping thousands of seedling plants that are too old to be sold. Added to that, Monty Don in a recent episode of Gardener’s World said gardeners should not hurry into their gardens in the cold weather, and to wait until April before planting out.

Peter Berks, chairman of the Garden Centres Association said “People who don’t know that much about gardening [listened] to Monty’s comments and wrongly assume they can’t plant anything until April – which is not the case”.

The British Protected Ornamentals Association estimates that around 30 million plants, including primulas, petunias, begonias and pansies will be thrown away, many of which were matured at a high cost to growers in heated glasshouses.

More at UK Telegraph

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