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Bisley garden at Mt Wilson

Louise McDaid

Louise McDaid

May 15, 2013

The heritage garden village of Mt Wilson in the Blue Mountains area of NSW has five gardens open through the Open Gardens Australia scheme. One of these is Bisley, an impressive 4ha English-inspired mature parkland.

'Glacier' of Helichrysum petiolare

‘Glacier’ of Helichrysum petiolare

Bisley is landscaped in the style of an English country park with two lakes, clipped hedges, sweeping lawns and avenues of trees. Among the many elements of this superb estate are two natural rock gardens and a lovely 2m tall sandstone sculpture, Motherhood, by Blue Mountains sculptor Tom Coley.

The trees are a feature, especially in autumn. There’s a dense backdrop of stringybarks along the boundary and stands of other tall eucalypts by the large lake, creating mesmerising reflections on the water. The tulip trees and gingko dazzle yellow at this time, and nyssas, liquidambers , claret ash, Japanese maples among others wear their brilliant red cloaks.

Impressive also is the international collection of conifers, although I admit to being too busy absorbed in the colour show to pay them much attention… another time.

Here’s a selection of the joys of Bisley in autumn.

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