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Previous Chelsea winner sour grapes



May 23, 2013

After winning 2 Chelsea Best in Show awards himself, but missing out to the Australian garden this year, UK designer Christopher Bradley-Hole has called for the award to be scrapped because it is “not fair”.

Of the winning Australian garden he said that he thought that the solar panels were “ugly” and the “planting unsubtle”. Bradley-Hole, designer of the UK Telegraph garden added “If that garden was better than the Telegraph garden, I’m a Dutchman”.

Who would like to send Mr Bradley-Hole some clogs?

Mr Bradley-Hole insisted it was not just sour grapes because his garden did not win – although he felt that the whole team did make an “outstanding garden”.

“I think it is extremely unfortunate this year they have chosen a best garden that in my mind is not the best garden. Our garden was an outstanding garden perfectly executed.”

You can read the full text of the C B-H dummy spit at UK Telegraph


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Annette Irish
Annette Irish
11 years ago

Is it more an issue of ‘Antipodean horticulturists stepping up’? Get with the world of solar power … but heh is there ever enough sunlight hours!
Serious note – this question comes up in any judging but as in art – for gardens the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I loved the change from formality and over structured plantings in many show gardens. Cheers Everyone