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Singapore Gardens by the Bay

Louise McDaid

Louise McDaid

June 2, 2013

On a recent one-day stopover in Singapore I hot-footed it along to the Gardens by the Bay – ‘where wonder blooms’ as the brochure says.

Supertree foliage colour and texture - a dynamic combination

Supertree foliage colour and texture – a dynamic combination

Despite an early morning start I soon realised one day wasn’t going to do justice to such an extensive and fascinating place. One could spend a day exploring the gardens in the two cooled giant conservatories alone (which by the way is an extremely pleasant way to escape the outdoor humidity).

Read GardenDrum blogger Linda Green’s perceptive write up and thoughts from last year on the Singaporean botanical wonderland.

Below I’ve posted a gallery of shots showing what I found beautiful, exciting, interesting, fun, breathtaking, informative, and valuable in so many ways. My wonder certainly bloomed!

Click on any photo to see a larger image slideshow. You can also click the photos in the slideshow (top right corner) to see a full-size version.



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11 years ago

Absolutely amazing photos, thank you!

11 years ago

Fantastic photos – they really convey the diversity and uniqueness of the gardens.