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Greedy gardeners in the NYT



June 26, 2013


GREEDY GARDNERS, an oped piece in a recent NYT, raises valid points about the produce gardening craze that has taken over other forms of gardening.

Marielle Anzelone writes from the point of view of an urban conservation biologist. Here are 3 quotes from her story:

Rooftop vegetable gardens were one thing, but the urban agricultural movement has gone a step too far. A new brand of activists want to incorporate fruit trees into the fabric of city life by turning our limited green space into woody groves filled with apples, cherries and plums. One group, the Guerrilla Grafters, has gone so far as to graft the branches of fruit trees onto street-side ornamental trees in San Francisco.”

By so narrowly defining useful landscapes, the craze to farmify our surroundings has made it all about humans.”

Yet landscapes designed solely to put food into our mouths result in the further loss of winged wildlife. A better way to reimagine our public spaces is through the multifaceted eyes of insects, the original locavores.”

You can read the full story at the New York Times plus a defensive reply from Nathanael Johnson at Grist.org

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