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Garden pests bring out the big guns?



July 4, 2013


About to finally clean out your garden shed? Be wary of what you might find. A woman in Leesburg, Virginia caused the evacuation of an entire neighbourhood when she discovered live anti-tank missiles in the back of her garden shed.

Emergency services dealt with the military grade ordnance, described as “anti-tank missiles” from the ‘Desert Storm’ era. And yes, the missiles were live and armed.

The garden owner had never looked in the shed until she decided to do some cleaning up before she went away on holidays. As anti-tank missiles are most often used to destroy tanks, which usually don’t roam the streets of Leesburg, it’s still unclear why the missiles were in the shed. It’s an unusual inclusion in part of a gardener’s armoury against pest invasions. Or maybe there was some neighbourhood dispute about high hedges……..

New information from a US Army spokesperson suggest that the ordnance were not anti-tank missiles, but live artillery rounds usually fired from a cannon-like Howitzer. Like that makes it normal.

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