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Catherine Stewart

Catherine Stewart

July 22, 2013

‘Boomerang’ could be one of the most expensive properties in Sydney. Nestled in the billionaire’s enclave of harbourside Elizabeth Bay, it is certainly one of its most significant heritage gardens. Owned by trucking magnate Lindsay Fox since 2005, Boomerang was built in 1926 in Spanish-American style by Sydney music publisher Frank Albert. The Fox family lives there part-time, being based mostly in Victoria.

Boomerang garden

Boomerang front garden – view from the house

Landscape designer Myles Baldwin has been refurbishing the garden for several years and it’s interesting to see his light touch. Heritage gardens can be both a joy and a burden for their owners as they seek to preserve the best of the old but still make it their own. I didn’t see any jarring notes at Boomerang. It carries with it a real sense of that wonderful late 1920s period – the height of the jazz age – without seeming either tired or ‘preserved’, like it’s had a too-tight face lift.

I was lucky to get to see Boomerang as part of the fundraising HeartKids Garden Tour organised by Alpine Nurseries each year.

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Phileppa Doyle
Phileppa Doyle
8 years ago

… sigh… how sad that this beautiful house and garden is not a home but a week-ender! I wonder if they’d like a live in caretaker?

Jill Walker
Jill Walker
8 years ago

Adorable. Glorious visuals to enhance my day — Have seen the Melbourne garden — such a joy. Look forward to other posts.
Kind regards Jill