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NZILA awards Thomas Woltz top prize for 2013



August 13, 2013
Nick's Head Station NZ design Nelson Byrd Woltz

Nick’s Head Station NZ design Nelson Byrd Woltz

NZ Institute of Landscape Architects has awarded the George Malcolm Supreme Award to Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects for the Nick’s Head Station project in Poverty Bay.

The ambitious project 3000 acre project, developed over some years, has rescued degraded seriously farmland, restored 75 acres of previously drained wetlands, created a reserve for the nearly extinct reptile tuatara and stabilised eroding cliffs. Over half a million trees have been planted. Local Maori tribes were involved in the planning and restoration process during which many Maori earthworks were revealed and preserved.

And the result of this visionary planning by NBW, and investment by Orongo Station? Farming land that’s once more productive, the establishment of local nurseries to supply plants for ecological restoration, and a haven for bird life. And a spectacular landscape.

Read more about Nick’s Head Station at Architectureau.com

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