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Lawn a labour of love



August 24, 2013

The immaculate lawn

South Yorkshire gardener Stuart Grindle mows his lawn TWICE daily on THREE days each week to keep the UK’s most perfect lawn.

Before you get all huffy about how much petrol that’s burning, Grindle uses only a 1947, 14-blade push-mower made by┬áRansome Certes that he got from an old bowling greenkeeper many years ago. With it he mows his grass to exactly 5mm high, 6 times a week. Apparently it looks so perfect that people mistake it for artificial turf. (Is that a compliment?)

Grindle has been caring lovingly for his lawn with frequent watering and mowing (and the surrounding VERY colourful garden) for 32 years. After not allowing his son to ever play on the lawn, he recently opened it to the public to raise money for charity. He described the experience as “a pleasure and a pain”.

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