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Confetti Gardens Mt Colah



September 16, 2013

Confetti gardens Mt Colah

The delightful Confetti Gardens at Mt Colah in Sydney will be open this weekend, September 21-22, 2013.

Succulents at Confetti Gardens

Confetti Gardens is named by its owner, Clare Bell, for something a TAFE teacher once said to her about gardens that have one of everything – that it’s as if someone has thrown some confetti in the air and it’s fluttered down spreading splashes of separate colour everywhere.

yellow clivea and plectranthusConfetti Gardens is not full of strong designer shapes or block planting. It’s an unashamed collector’s garden full of an extraordinary range of perfect Sydney plants from cool climate to subtropical, as well as much love and laughter. And you probably will find one of everything!

Confetti Gardens, 6 Foxglove Rd, Mount Colah. BBQ lunches, 10am-4.30pm, $7, under 18s free.

Confetti Gardens Mt Colah

Orchids at Confetti Gardens








Confetti Gardens


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Dorothy Kite
Dorothy Kite
10 years ago

The Wamberal Garden Club would like to visit the Confetti Garden at Mt Colah as a group in 2014 will it be open to the public if so when?