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The ultimate rooftop rock garden



September 17, 2013

Illegal roof-top 'rockery'

In Beijing, the builder of this illegal rooftop edifice on the 26th floor of an apartment block  is finally getting his comeuppance.

Described as running a traditional Chinese medicine business, the wealthy owner has been covertly building the rooftop paradise for some years, mainly during the night according to neighbours. Despite many complaints to the authorities, it was only when pictures of the rooftop were published in major Chinese newspapers with the caption “Beijing’s most outrageous illegal structure” that he was given notice to demolish.

Those living in the apartment block are concerned that the 2 storey structure could fall, or collapse the roof. The owner disputed that the complex, which includes large numbers of fibreglass rocks, trees and rooms was a “villa”, describing it as “just an ornamental garden”.

In the past 2 weeks, workmen have begun to dismantle the illegal buildings and garden, closely watched by Beijing residents.

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