Reed PughChristmas?! Where are our fall traditions?

I have always tried to cover interesting topics in a positive way, with the exception of an occasional rant within the context of a post, but I have started to see and hear ‘Christmas’ over the past several weeks and I cannot contain myself.

Merry Christmas in September?  Are you freaking kidding me!

Merry Christmas in September? Are you freaking
kidding me!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas and the whole holiday season, but that means wood fires at home, snow on the ground and leaves off the trees. The fact that our local nursery is setting up its Christmas merchandise or a local farmstand is advertising ‘Christmas Trees Coming Soon’ makes me think that someone is pulling a massive joke in SEPTEMBER. I should have been looking for hidden cameras.

Maybe, before purchasing a Christmas tree two months in advance, we should go to a local farm for some apple picking or hit a pumpkin patch. Here are some great places to hit, some not so local.


Apple picking at Old Frog Pond Farm

Apple picking at Old Frog Pond Farm

Old Frog Pond Farm in Harvard, MA
Organic farm that has pick your own apples and raspberries and sells other organic produce. Has a very cool sculpture walk that includes a 10′ Giraffe by a Winchester artist, Madi Lord, who I recently wrote about in a post: More At Created From Junk Metal.

Brookfield Orchards in North Brookfield, MA

Wonderful farm out in central MA to get away from the crowds. Went several years ago and still remember the warm apple dumplings and other wonderful goodies. The trip just for the dumplings is worth it!

Shelburne Farm in Stow, MA
A nice family friendly farm in Stow with hay rides and other stuff for kids.

Christmas at Mahoneys Garden Center

Christmas at Mahoneys Garden Center

Having the pressure of Christmas, just reminds me of all the work that has to be done in the garden before the ground freezes, not to mention some of the items I have delayed on over the late summer. Fall is not my favorite time as it means the end of the season and a lot of messy cold work to set the gardens up for next spring. Spring is always easy for me as work brings the promise of things to come.

I almost caused a car accident when I saw the sign saying that trees are coming soon. The earliest conceivable time for trees, considering they need to actually last through Christmas would be the middle of November. That’s two months away, yet they are apparently coming soon. I wonder why this farm stand isn’t preparing for Halloween or Thanksgiving, both considerable holidays for gourds, pumpkins, cornstalks and other high margin goods.

Christmas at Mahoneys garden Center

Christmas at Mahoneys garden Center

As I am writing this, I wonder if maybe this sign advertising Christmas trees is in fact a brilliant marketing strategy. I am certainly not going to forget that they will be selling trees and they are the first on my mind.

However, this year, instead of buying a Christmas tree from a local nursery that ships them in from some distance, how about going out and cutting your own. Here are a few local places to go if you want to spend a little family time and have some fun.

Crane Neck Christmas Tree Farm in West Newbury, MA

Smolak Farms in North Andover, MA

Greenwood Tree Farm in Billerica, MA

I write about these destinations to provide ideas for people to get out and connect with local farms and also as a suggestion to myself to head out with the family and friends and spend a few fall days enjoying some old New England Traditions.

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