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Clothing a plus for UK garden retailers



October 6, 2013

Bonmarché, a plus-size women’s clothing retailer in the UK is opening new stores in garden centres.

Bonmarché’s involvement with the Garden Centre Group will see 3-4 stores open on a trial basis. The first in Bicester Avenue Garden Centre, Oxfordshire, will open this coming Friday.

Beth Butterwick, managing director at Bonmarché, said: “Gardening is one of the biggest leisurely pursuits within the plus 45-year-old age group so for us this is an ideal partnership.

“Increasingly, people are visiting garden centres as destinations in which to browse, eat and spend leisure time. We believe there is further scope for similar partnerships like this one in future.”

It seems a no-brainer to co-locate retail outlets that appeal to a particular demographic but I’ve yet to see much of this in Australia, except for the remarkable Kaesbie Gardens in Emerald in Queensland. When I saw it in 2006, it had a plant nursery, coffee shop, gift shop, shoe and handbag shop and hair dresser/beauty centre. Now that’s smart.

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