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Lisa White has a large garden in Sydney’s north which she has developed over many years. Although she had some early design work by a well-known designer, she decided she could do better – and spent the next 15 years refining the garden’s layout, propagating many of the plants herself in her own home nursery and laboriously building up the soil to create a lush garden.

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It’s a quiet and restful garden, elegant in its restricted palette of greens, grey, white and pastels and contained by many well-maintained hedges of varying textures, which sweep around the garden in long curves. But it’s not without personality – a flower-shaped detail surprises in the outdoor cooking area paving; rogue scarlet hemerocallis pop out of the long front border; both family-sized and more intimate spaces are well-proportioned and inviting; large artworks feature; and mature angophoras and eucalypts are allowed to dominate lawn and house.

What sets it, and many other good gardens apart, is the attention to detail – the way the paving is cut to meet a circle of gravel; the layout of the ashlar style paving around the pool; bespoke stainless steel guides for the wisteria; and the consistency of colour in furniture, fittings and decoration.

Lisa White was NSW/ACT winner of the ABC Gardening Australia ‘Gardener of the Year’ in 2011.

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