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It was pouring with rain the day I got to see Musk Cottage as part of the Australian Landscape Conference tour. But it was such a wonderful garden, I couldn’t let that stop me sharing the photos with you – so please excuse the shiny paving and rain slanting across several of the shots. Since 2006 Musk Cottage has been the weekender garden of Rick Eckersley, of e-ga (Eckersley Garden Architecture). e-ga partner Myles Broad has been the driving force behind many new projects in the garden over the past few years.

Musk Cottage timber walkway

Musk Cottage timber walkway

The garden in Flinders on the Mornington Peninsula south-east of Melbourne features large swathes of naturalistic planting interspersed with more formal elements, many of those also featuring native plants. But nothing feels constrained or rigid – shapes flow, paths undulate and weave in and out of trees. Eucalypts and paperbarks contribute beautifully textured bark and shadow patterns. Paving is minimal, with crushed gravel and decking blending into the surrounding blue-greys, with splashes of pink, orange and red.

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