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Gone Gnome



October 30, 2013

Garden gnomes

For the past 10 years someone, in the darkness of the night, has been planting garden gnomes in the public places and front gardens of Brattleby, UK. Now, an after-death confession has revealed who was the joker.


Peter Leighton recently died after 8 years of prostate cancer. At his funeral, his son David surprised those at his father’s funeral with the news that his father was the master-mind behind the overnight appearance of groups of garden gnomes at bus stops, in public parks and people’s own gardens. Despite national notoriety, nobody had ever figured out who was buying and placing the gnomes.

Peter had decided to start planting gnomes throughout the village after buying one at a charity shop in 2003. His son David and a friend took dozens of gnomes out in their rucksacks in the dead of night and left them. In 2005, a group of 20 gnomes were left at a bus stop with the accompanying letter – “We are the Gnome family: we are currently gnomeless. Unfortunately all the family have gone missing.” When film crews arrived in the village to report on the sudden gnome appearances, Peter was delighted.

Son David says that his mother thinks garden gnomes are “pretty tacky” and lower the value of a home. But she does say that her late husband “thought the idea that people would draw their curtains and see a load of gnomes outside might raise a smile – he was right, it did.”

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