GardenDrumPiet Oudolf receives Prince Bernhard Cultural Foundation Award

Oudolf_Driburg Photo ChristopherFigge

Gräflicher Park, Bad Driburg by Piet Oudolf. Photo ChristoperFigge

Piet Oudulf, “the most influential plantsman in the world has been honoured in his home country with the Prince Bernhard Cultural Foundation Award.

Creator of the famous High Line planting scheme in New York as well as countless landscapes throughout Europe, the UK and USA, Oudolf ‘s ‘New Perennial’ approach which features large drifts of grasses and naturalistic planting, has been copied throughout the world.


The High Line, New York City. Photo James Beattie

The Prince Bernhard Cultural Foundation Award comes with a prize purse of 150,000 euros so it was worth heading home for, although Oudolf is allocating half of it to fund small scale urban garden projects.

You can read Tim Richardson’s quite amusing recounting of the award ceremony (including hip hop and break dancing) at the UK Telegraph.

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