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The future of garden photography?



December 8, 2013

This amazing video of Chateau du Rivau, taken by a drone, came to my attention through the great UK garden blog, Michelle Chapman’sĀ Veg Plotting. Is it the future of how we will look at gardens?

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Michelle Chapman
10 years ago

Thanks for the kind words re the blog šŸ™‚

Patricia will be thrilled that the word about Le Rivau has reached down under!

Have a great Christmas and New Year

Catherine Stewart
10 years ago

I love your blog Michelle although I’m having no luck trying to figure out your blasted garden anagram quiz! Too hard, I fear, for an Antipodean.

Michael McCoy
10 years ago

This, Catherine, is absolutely astonishing. That sort of camera work has never, ever been possible before. The question is, is the musical repertoire up to it? The cliches vary between home-spun/folksy, jaunty mouth-organ type stuff, easy listening orchestral (think: English country garden) or expansive, sweeping french-horn driven movie sound-track gear like what’s used here. Where else to go?