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The world has many plant-based Christmas traditions, from mistletoe and holly to poinsettia and yule logs. And there’s that weird myrrh stuff as well. But how well do you know your Christmas garden? Click to flip each image to see the answer.

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0-4         Bah! Humbug!

5-8         I might light a Christmas candle but I never inhale

9-12       I look my best in red and green

13-16     Pass the gluhwein and light that pudding!



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Catherine Stewart

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Award-winning garden journalist, blogger and photographer; writer for garden magazines and co-author of 'Waterwise Gardening'; landscape designer turned landscape design judge and critic; compulsive networker and lover of generally putting fingers in lots of pies. Particularly mud pies. Original creator of GardenDrum. South Coast NSW.

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