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Flower shotgun shells



December 29, 2013

Plant seeds with your shotgun

If you thought you’d seen and heard of everything gardening, this will prove you wrong.

Flower Shells are a new type of shotgun pellet developed by Scandinavian company, the enigmatically named Per Cromwell at ST.

Described as “A flower shell that brings life”, this is how it works:

Traditional shot gun pellets are opened and then hand packed with a range of seeds, including poppy, lupin, cornflower, coneflower, sweet pea carnation, peony and wild flower mix. Load up your gun, fire the pellet into the ground and wait for germination.

As Flower Shell says – ‘Instead of less life, more life”.

Per Cromwell at ST has also developed the rocking chair that charges your ipad and a hovering lamp that follows you around. It is currently developing a flying carpet. And why not? As the company says, who would have believed in the smartphone, delivery drones, or the power of Facebook 20 years ago?

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James Beattie
James Beattie
9 years ago

They’re having a laugh, surely? Although, the hovering lamp is an interesting proposition.

Notice they didn’t show poppies actually growing from the point in the ground he fired the shot into?