Sydney Tomato Festival

Calling all tomato cooks!! The TOMATO FESTIVAL SYDNEY is looking for Sydney’s best tomato passata, or relish/chutney, and also Sydney’s best home-grown tomatoes. Online entry until FRIDAY 17 JANUARY 2014.

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Designing a beach garden

I started designing and pottering about in this beachside garden a couple of years ago now. It is dear to my heart, as it’s a garden that I am lucky enough to call home every so often when I have a few days off, or the holiday period allows it. Continue reading

All about frog ponds

Today I’m talking with ecologist Katie Oxenham about frogs, how to make a frog pond and why we need frogs and ponds in our gardens. Frogs control lots of insects pests like mosquitos but also a range of other insects including cockroaches. People often worry that stagnant water in a pond will encourage too many mosquitos but if you keep the water occasionally circulating with a small pump, you shouldn’t have more mozzies than the frogs can handle. Continue reading

Open Gardens for Weekend 26-27 April 2014


Gardens are listed by:

1. State – ACT and NSWQueenslandSouth AustraliaTasmaniaVictoriaWestern Australia


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RHS new appointments for 2014

There’s been major changes at the UK’s Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) with 3 new appointments to key positions – Dr Tim Upson as Director of Horticulture; David Morley to Director of Gardens, Shows and Retail; and Sandra Parsons as Head of HR. Continue reading

Garden vistas

What’s the difference between a vista and a view? A view is what you see of the broader landscape or garden from a vantage point. A vista is a ‘framed view’ that accentuates its best qualities. By using plants and built structures to manage what you can see of the full view, you can make it appear much more appealing, hide any detracting bits, or make it seem further away. Even a very ordinary district outlook can look spectacular when you control how much of it is viewed from any angle. Continue reading