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GenY thinks gardening is good, but hard work



February 1, 2014
Photo Artaxerxes

Photo Artaxerxes

Project 10% from Today’s Garden Center has found from its focus group research that younger (GenX and Y) people think that gardening is good and also healthy. But on the negative side, they want it to be more social, they think it’s hard work, and they don’t like getting dirty.

Today’s Garden Center 10% Project is trying to find out how garden retailers can attract a broader age range of consumers.¬†Bridget Behe with Michigan State University and Susan Hogan with Emory University and Actionable Results Marketing used focus groups of 74 individuals to discuss the positives and negatives of gardening for a variety of age groups.

More than half the respondents said that they liked gardening but there were age differences about what they valued most. GenX cared little for the sharing and caring side of gardening, or for its health or stress relief benefits, instead liking gardening for its edibles and eco-friendliness. Conversely GenY does find gardening a good stress reliever and that it has major health benefits.

Although 20% of respondents said they didn’t think there were any negatives to gardening, 22% felt that gardening was too time consuming or too dirty and another 14% that it’s a lot of work or you can be too obsessed with gardening.


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