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Melbourne Flower Show and Garden Show 2014



March 24, 2014
Phillip Withers Landscape Design under construction

Phillip Withers Landscape Design under construction

The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (MIFGS) opens this Wednesday, 26 March. What’s in store for 2014? 

'Here and Now' by Phillip Withers Landscape Design

‘Here and Now’ by Phillip Withers Landscape Design

New to the MIFGS Show Garden displays this year will be well-known designer Paul Bangay, joining many designers who are back again, including Cycas Landscape Design, Eckerlsey Garden Architecture, Ros McCully, Candeo Design, Ian Barker, Pea Donaldson, Phillip Withers and Hunter Black Design.

'The Patriarch's garden' by Cycas Landscape Design

‘The Patriarch’s Garden’ by Cycas Landscape Design

place grow shift by AILDMAnother brand new concept having an outing at MIFGS is Place Grow Shift from AILDM, the Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers. Place Grow Shift is a modular garden with different configurations of the same pieces designed by different designers. Each day during the show, a team with take apart the previous incarnation and transform it before everyone’s eyes into a brand new look. This has been many months in the planning and full marks to AILDM for really thinking ‘beyond the box’ and doing something that hasn’t been tried before.

The Midnight Garden

The Midnight Garden

Arbour Constrictions- BreezeThere are also some very interesting-sounding Concept Gardens this year. Lisa Eliis is showing ‘The Midnight Garden‘, James Ross ‘Peninsula‘, Ross Uebergang ‘A Small Space in Time‘, and there’s ‘Echoes‘ by Trevor Griffett, and ‘Breeze‘ from Arbour Landscaping Group.

Ross Uebergang- Small Spaces in Time

Ross Uebergang- Small Spaces in Time







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