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What’s growing in your greenhouse?



April 30, 2014


What’s growing in your greenhouse? A police raid in Malmö, Sweden found something a little larger than usual growing in the greenhouse. And it had legs. And BIG teeth.

The 2m (7ft) long female Nile crocodile was reportedly in good health and has now been relocated to the Crocodiles of the World Foundation zoo in the UK, after a 5 month search to find a suitable place. The relocation cost 23,500 kronor ($3,500) which the owner is refusing to pay. Under Swedish law, the animal owner has to pay any costs associated with taking an animal into protective custody. The owner apparently just wanted the crocodile destroyed.

The original October 2013 raid on the property was part of an investigation into whether the owner was receiving stolen goods. The crocodile’s role is unclear but let’s hope it wasn’t as the ultimate ‘safe’. You could fit a lot of diamonds in there.

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