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GES – Green Expo Sydney

Catherine Stewart

Catherine Stewart

May 26, 2014

Pink Splash Gerbera

Gerbera on steroids, a great way to make compost in the tiniest garden and a spectacular architectural planter – whether it’s plants or allied products, GES (Green Expo Sydney) showcases the best of new horticultural products – or new to Australia at least. Like films, it can take a while for plants and products from overseas to make it through either quarantine or local distribution.

As a judge in the Fusion Showcase I had the unenviable task of assessing retail potential, innovation and display of a wide range of new products, from pesticides to wow-factor plants and planters. Over the next week I’ll profile the ones I think are real winners.

Composting CannonBest in Show‘ (and People’s Choice Award) went to the highly innovative Composting Cannon, developed by Sydney-sider Greg Hales. Unlike most composting methods that require at least a square metre of space, the Composting Cannon will fit into the teeniest garden, balcony, or even a planter. Three cardboard tubes with aeration holes, cleverly telescoped inside each other for neat packaging, come with a plunger and mesh cap. You bury the cylinder in the garden, fill it with fruit and vegie scraps which you squash down with the plunger and the surrounding soil microflora and worms start to do their stuff within a week. Easy-peasy, and you even don’t need to spread your compost later. Over 4 months, the Composting Cannon will turn 25 kilos of scraps into rich compost. It retails for $30 (plus p&p) and before anyone gets any rip-off ideas, there’s a world-wide patent on the design.

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10 years ago

A great idea, more practical and tidier than the existing homemade ones from storm water pipe, though the principle is the same. I love the plunger idea and how even the tube will break down.

10 years ago

Thanks for the GES review Cath, especially the Composting Cannon. It looks like a great product and I like the fact that the canister decomposes. I’ve got a small-ish garden and I’ve not really got room for a compost bin/s (well more truthfully I’ve actually had no suitable location to put one in the design of my garden!!). But I am quite interested in this composting system. So, I ordered some and they have just arrived by post and I’m looking forward to installing them into my perennial bed to road test it. Thanks for your product review!!