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Ficus 'White Lightning'

One of the exciting new plants I saw in the Fusion Showcase at Green Expo Sydney was Ficus ‘White Lightning’ a tri-coloured shrubby fig with fabulous hedging or specimen plant potential.

Winning a Gold Award for Greenlife for Botanix Plant Supply, Ficus ‘White Lightning’ is a dwarf cultivar of the Australian native tree Ficus obliqua, and grows in a naturally compact and bushy shape. The variegated leaves are a pale creamy-yellow with a dark green marking, and new growth adds a flush of pretty pink to the mix.

Ficus 'White Lightning'

Variegated foliage on Ficus ‘White Lightning’

‘White Lightning’ grows to around 3m x 3m (10ft x 10ft). One important factor in the plant’s growth is that it holds its abundant foliage right down inside the main branches, meaning it can be hard pruned into any shape, including for narrow positions. It will also grow well in a large pot.

Ficus ‘White Lightning’ is available in Australia through Bunnings and your local nursery.

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3 thoughts on “Ficus ‘White Lightning’

  1. Hello Catherine
    As I work for Bunnings, I investigated the availability of Ficus “White Lightning”. This was the first I had heard of it being promoted as a hedge plant. A very interesting new plant concept! Our Bunnings website states availability applies to Bunnings Victorian Warehouses only. I do hope this helps our readers and customers. Regards Clare

    • Clare, thanks for the info on the availability of the Ficus ‘white lightning’. Saves me getting the runaround at my local Bunnings here in NSW. Would love to know where in Sydney I could obtain these.

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