How to find that design inspiration

I often get asked by people where I find my inspiration for the gardens I design. It’s a very interesting question and one that has about as many layers as an onion. I will attempt to peel a few layers back and give you an insight into where and how I start when designing my client’s gardens. Continue reading

How to grow pineapples for flowers, fruit & foliage

Of all fruits, the pineapple is probably one of the most recognisable. You will see it in fruit shops or supermarkets around the world, often far away from its place of origin. I have a confession to make, I am biased in writing this article, as the pineapple is my favourite fruit. I enjoy slurping on the tangy, turpentine flavoured mango; chewing into the exquisitely, fragrant, translucent litchi; and I’m addicted to the rich, custard flesh of the durian; but a good, fully ripe and fragrant pineapple reigns supreme in my books. Continue reading

Early flowering lavenders

If you’re a romantic at heart then lavenders probably hold a special place in your garden. That old-world country charm is traditionally their hallmark. But how do you tell the difference between one lavender and the next? And can you break the mould and do something different with them? There are quite a few on the market for ornamental use – so which one is right for you? Questions, questions, questions! Continue reading

How soil drainage works: it’s not what you think

‘Good drainage’ or ‘well-drained’ soil is used to described the favoured growing conditions of about 80% of what you want to plant in your garden. But do you know really know how soil drainage works, so you can get that fabled ‘good drainage’? Drainage myths and half-truths have been repeated for years by gardeners and even experts. The trouble is that water in soils just doesn’t behave in the way that intuitively you’d think that it should. Continue reading

Landcare Australia celebrates 25 years

On July 20, 2014, Landcare Australia celebrates 25 years. If you’re part of a Landcare group they want your photo to create a ‘Day in the Life of Landcare‘, showcasing all the wonderful people who help protect and beautify our natural landscapes. Watch the vid to find out more.